Wednesday, October 6, 2010

sharing moment~

alhamdulillah.. thanks to God at all the blessings of happiness .. .. I write this as an expression of faith and sharing as I know how important all of this ...

I'm not someone who is easy to share my problems and the expression of the heart ... recently I was faced with many trials and challenges ... I'm hard to share and express it makes me very burdened ... always keep that feeling very tired for me .... until one moment, I felt at not afford to keep all of this ..... someone who I love, always tells me ... we need to share and express what we feel sometimes ... and there should be sharing the moment ... Sometimes we are just ordinary people full of feeling ... how hard we are, we are only human ... I could not want to trick myself and pretending again...and i must be someone who is honest with myself ..

after a while, I express all of the saved and all that has charged me for this so far .... thank God, my heart more peaceful and easy to get all that I was facing and will face i.allah .....

thanks to the gods give me someone who always support me and enlighten me .. I'm happy with this situation ..... thank God ... I hope to god I'm always remain in this situation .. ameen ..:)